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Discovery Buckets

Create a discovery bucket for your program of study and put a video pitch in it. Businesses can then view your video and start recruiting you while you are still in school! 

Create career opportunities for your self so you aren't stuck sending out resumes looking for a job once you graduate! 

 So what do I put on
my HRing Profile anyway?


Sarh sm

Just be you.

Show your hobbies, projects, interests... What makes you, well you!

The more authentic you are the more employers get to know you and the more likely you are to get employment at a place you will enjoy working!

This is a chance for you to articulate your knowledge and show passion about your chosen field of study.

Mental Health

“I love that my posts on HRing aren't public-facing to peers. They are for me and my personal and professional development. I feel free in authentically expressing myself.”​


Tam, K

The hardest part about finding a job today is breaking through the noise and having the opportunity to sell yourself in an interview.


By the time you finally get an interview after applying for 100+ jobs there is an immense level of pressure to lock it down. This leads to an interview process that doesn't really showcase who you are and what you're capable of.

With a platform that allows you to build a profile to showcase your professional life and talent, while creating a pathway to talk to the people hiring in the first place you can actually start differentiating yourself from others - aside from different fonts, formatting and other tricks people use to fancy up their resumes.

We want your input!

HRing is for students so join our discord and tell us exactly what you want from an app to help build your career! Follow and share our socials! 

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