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A professional platform
that works for Gen Z.

It's time we move past resumes and allow people to establish a professional social brand to create opportunities and connect with businesses that value them on a deeper level.

HRing is a professional social platform that allows people to apply for jobs with a pitch and pre-record interviews. Interact with organizations that are looking for authenticity so both businesses and job seekers can save time and find more culturally aligned employment. 

The idea for HRing came when I was working in Law Enforcement and wanted to make a career change. I wasn't able to get an interview, but felt if I could get in front of the people hiring me I would be able to sell myself and convince them to hire me! I discovered that a stack or database of resumes was what was holding me back. When talking with business owners, they expressed so much frustration about how time-consuming it is to receive so many applications on job boards, sift through them, and then organize interviews only to find out that person isn't a good organizational cultural fit. Business owners/HR and job seekers were both frustrated by the faceless hiring process - it was time for a change!