Stop wasting time with resumes and scheduling interviews 

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Interact with Students through our HRing Pods

Find the right talent without eating up time and resources

Focus on strategic objectives rather than onboarding new staff

Have the talent to reach business goals faster

Build a business culture that supports the vision


HRing Pods give you access to Students grouped by Post Secondary Institution/Program of study or Field of Work  


Hire with confidence

Business owners, HR and job seekers are all frustrated by the faceless hiring process 

Stop wasting valuable resources on the hiring process. HRing speeds up the hiring process and allows you to be your own recruiter. By giving you access to talent pools and accepting video applications to job postings HRing allows you to get to know Candidates in a shorter amount of time while avoiding paying high recruiter fees.

Imagine having access to a hiring pool that allows your team to track top-tier talent and engage them before your competition does!


HRing's forward facing hiring process creates alignment between the expectations and reality of who Candidates are which resumes cannot do. Getting to know potential hires on HRing ensures they will integrate faster into your organizational culture which is a catalyst for exponential growth and higher retention!

Create your own interviews on HRing 

No more paying for job boards
No more sifting through paper resumes trying to understand guess if a Candidate is a good cultural fit
Interactive job application process
Quality leads for entry level jobs
Pre recorded Interviews